Keratin treatment has been a popular treatment when it comes to hair smoothening and straightening. This treatment is quite efficient and delivers the results mostly after a single session.

However, there are several questions that often trouble a person’s mind when it comes to getting the keratin treatment. These questions are required to be answered. Our team lists these questions and answers them subtly. Keep reading.

Common questions asked regarding Keratin treatment

Faq regarding Keratin treatment - Keratin straightening treatment

Checkout some of the commonly asked questions about Keratin treatment below.

1) How does Keratin treatment help?

The primary use of Keratin straightening treatment is to control fizz. It smoothens your hair, straightens them, and reduces the fizz to a considerable extent. Also, it makes it easy for you to manage your hair, due to the reduction in fizz.

In simple words, Keratin treatment is one of the most reliable ways to straighten your hair, smoothen them, and subside the fizz.

2) How long does the Keratin hair straightening treatment take?

The answer to this question purely depends on your hair volume and the fizz amount. Usually, it takes anything between 1 to 3 hours for the entire treatment. But again, the timeframe does vary according to how much hair you have.

3) Can I get Keratin treatment?

If you have coarse and frizzy hair, you can get this treatment. As mentioned, this treatment is primarily intended to help you get smoothened and straight hair and eliminate the frizz. This isn’t a skin treatment; hence, the chances of the allergy issues are quite less. However, if you have serious medical diseases, do reach out to our experts, explain them to us, and let us figure out if this treatment will work well for you.

4) What is the cost of the Keratin straightening treatment?

The cost of this treatment completely depends on the salon you decide to go with. The pricing varies at every salon. It’s wise to interact with various salons, compare price quotes, checkout the quality of services, and select one that fits your bill the best.

5) Are there any side effects of Keratin hair straightening treatment?

No. There are no serious side effects of this treatment. However, some minor side effects like a headache, dizziness, etc. might appear, but they will fade away in no time.

Again, there are absolutely no serious side effects of Keratin treatment by any means.

We hope that you now have answers to some questions of your mind regarding the Keratin straightening treatment. If you desire to get more information or if you are looking for Keratin treatment in Brampton, you can count on the experts of Indo Canada Salon & Spa to do the job right for you.

The experience of our team ensures that you get the best Keratin treatment. With us, you can stay assured of both, efficient treatment, and amazing after-treatment support. Our commitment to delivering our clients the best, and the most efficient treatment makes us the top choice of people when it comes to Keratin treatment in Brampton. To reach out to our Keratin treatment experts, do reach out to us at 905.799.0012.