Laser hair removal treatment is a process by which the unwanted hairs on the body are removed. The laser beam is used to target the follicles and destroy the hairs.

Laser hair removal treatment has been one of the most efficient tactics for removing unwanted hairs from your body. However, there are certain aftercare tips that you need to keep in your mind to ensure that this treatment delivers the best results. Our team explains these tips in this blog further on.

Do’s after laser hair removal treatment

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Checkout the do’s you need to keep in mind and follow after you get the laser hair removal treatment below.

1) Protecting the skin from the sun: Your skin will be extremely sensitive after you get the laser hair removal treatment. Hence, you need to ensure that you avoid the direct exposure of your skin to the sun before and after getting this treatment.

Also, keep on applying the sunscreens as they will help your skin stay safe from direct exposure to the sun. Protecting your skin is the first and the most important aftercare treatment you need to keep in your mind after you get this treatment.

2) Apply creams as prescribed: After you get this treatment, you will be prescribed some creams, which you need to apply exactly as prescribed. It would ensure that you get the best results from this treatment.

These creams are meant to help you get rid of all sorts of pains & discomforts and ensure that there are no severe side effects. If you are prescribed any creams, take this prescription seriously, and follow the same.

3) Keeping it cool: During this treatment, the laser will heat up your skin. Hence, now it’s time to cool off your skin.

To cool off your skin, apply a clean, and washed cloth on your skin. Make sure that you keep on washing the cloth with cool water at frequent intervals.

Applying the ice pack on your skin is also a good option to provide some cooling to your skin.

Don’ts of laser hair removal treatment

Now, when you know the do’s of laser hair removal treatment, let’s get through the things that you must not do at all.

1) Say no to tanning lotions: Ensure that you don’t apply any tanning lotions at least for a week after you get this treatment. Lotions can create rashes, swelling, or even burns on your skin.

2) Don’t schedule the next treatment for at least four weeks: It is necessary for you to give your skin a specific timeframe to heal. Yes, you might require another cycle of treatment, but not for at least four weeks.

3) Don’t wax or get any other treatment: It’s never recommended to give your skin another treatment immediately after it has undergone one treatment. Hence, avoid applying waxing or any other treatment form immediately after you get this treatment.

4) Don’t apply perfumes to the area of the treatment: Perfumes incorporate strong chemicals, and it’s necessary that you avoid applying them at least for a week.

5) Don’t go to the swimming pool: The swimming pool incorporates chlorine, which can be harsh to your skin, specifically, after you get the laser hair removal treatment. Hence, avoid visiting the swimming pool at least for a week after you get this treatment.

Yes, laser hair removal treatment is effective, and keeping certain do’s and don’ts in mind would increase the accuracy and effectiveness of this treatment. Hence, ensure that you keep the above-listed do’s and don’ts of this treatment in your mind and nail them to get the best results from this treatment.

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