Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular for its effective results and affordability, making its widespread adoption completely justified.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is a safe, effective, and pain-free procedure offered by Indo Canada Salon & Spa, known for providing the best laser hair removal service in Brampton. This procedure can be applied to any area of the skin with unwanted hair, including the face, neck, chest, back, bikini area, underarms, arms, and legs. During the treatment, a handheld laser passes through the skin and targets the hair follicle, destroying it with heat and preventing future growth. Depending on the type of laser used, a cooling gel may be applied to the skin for added comfort. Experience permanent hair removal with our full body laser hair removal services, ensuring smooth, hair-free skin from head to toe.

Here’s a complete list of areas where you can get a laser treatment:

  • Full Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Under Arms
  • Chin
  • Ear
  • Upper Lip
  • Brazilian

Types of laser hair removal treatment

So, what are the types of this treatment? The skin type plays a decisive role in deciding the treatment that might suit you the best.

The test named “Fitzpatrick Skin Test” determines the type of skin and thus decides the type of test suitable to your skin. Check out the types of laser hair removal treatment below.

1) Alexandrite laser hair removal treatment: This treatment stands as one of the most popular laser hair removal treatments. The treatment is best suitable for the person having light skin colour.

The treatment is a bit mild. Thus, it doesn’t hurt much. However, the single treatment is usually not sufficient to get adequate results. Yet, the results are quite long-lasting and reliable.

2) Diode laser hair removal treatment: The wavelength of this treatment type is slightly longer than the Alexandrite treatment. This treatment type goes well with dark to medium-dark skin tones.

Usually, diode laser hair removal treatment is a painless treatment. The sessions required to achieve the results are usually fewer as compared to other treatment forms.

However, the things like pain, the number of sessions required, etc. depend on the individual’s skin configuration.

3) Ruby laser hair removal treatment: This treatment type is almost obsolete now. The results generated from this treatment aren’t much effective for dark skin. However, it goes well with bright skin.

You can expect some normal side effects like swelling, soreness, etc. after you get this treatment form. However, they aren’t permanent and will fade away within a few days.

4) Neodymium YAG laser hair removal treatment: The treatment comes with a long laser wavelength. It works well even on the skin having thick hair.

As the treatment has the longest wavelength, it reaches the roots of the hair and thus providing the treatment for long-term as compared to other forms.

5) Intense Pulsed Light treatment: As the name implies, the treatment incorporates light. However, the functionality of the treatment is similar to the laser forms of treatment.

The treatment comes with the benefit of a customizable option for every individual. Things like treatment wavelength and power can be easily adjusted according to the individual’s skin.

Treatment flow at our Laser Hair Removal clinic in Brampton

Check out the treatment flow you will come across if you decide to get this treatment.

1) Before treatment: Before you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to explain your medical history and other important details.

It will help the experts to figure out the treatment type that will work well with you. You will also be asked to provide certain precautions for certain days before you get this treatment.

2) During treatment: On your scheduled appointment, the laser will be glided over the skin, and thus releasing laser light. You might experience some burning sensation, or a bit of discomfort while getting this treatment, but that’s completely normal.

You will also be explained some aftercare tips you need to keep in mind to ensure that the treatment yields the best results.

3) After treatment: After undergoing permanent laser hair removal, you might experience some swelling on your skin, but that’s temporary and will fade away soon. You will also have to keep in mind the aftercare tips that were given to you during the treatment.

After a few weeks, you might notice some hairs growing again, but they will fall over soon. Thus, there is no need to panic if you notice them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe of the results from this treatment varies depending on the person’s skin type. Some people get permanent results, while some people may require re-treatment after six or eight months.

The treatment doesn’t come with any age restrictions alongside it. However, we highly advise this treatment only for people having age above fourteen.

The serious side effects of this treatment are extremely rare. However, you might notice some side effects like swelling, redness, etc. But they are temporary and are likely to fade away within a couple of days. Indo Canada Salon & Spa follows all the guidelines laid out by the Government of Canada to ensure safe laser hair removal.

Yes, you can take this treatment. But our laser hair removal Brampton team recommends avoiding this treatment in pregnancy to ensure that no complications arise at any stage.

Have more questions? Do reach out to our best laser hair removal team in Brampton now.

We hope that you are now clear with every aspect of the laser hair removal treatment. This treatment rarely gives any serious side effects, which is a major benefit of this treatment.

However, taking the treatment from the correct treatment provider is a necessary thing. If you are looking for one, do reach out to Indo Canada Salon & Spa, one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Brampton, & Toronto/GTA. To connect with our full-body laser hair removal Brampton team, call us at 905.799.0012.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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